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GAC is an African based organization with head quarter in Buea-Cameroon (South West Region) operating legally.

We provide professional services to different Institutions especially in educational milieu.

We use education as a tool to lift people out of poverty, bring deeper understanding of the world around us and provide better opportunities for everyone irrespective of your race.

In line with Goal 4 with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we ensure that everyone has access quality education and learning no matter who they are or where they came from.

We are keen to use skills, strategies and different approaches to expand existing businesses across Africa and our ambition is decidedly pan – African but also commercial.

We will invest our resources and focus on countries where the framework is conducive to achieve our goals and we are very confident that there are sufficient countries in Africa where the market potential and opportunities are conducive for us to achieve our aim.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create business presence of local and international companies in Africa thus expanding their brands and increasing sales exponentially.

Our Vision

By 2025 we hope to have brought together a network of companies/partners, expand their brands and emerge their product in to the African markets.


We are committed to translating our core values into day to day practice and we have carefully developed our values and embedded it into our operating system and business practical’s which are;

  • Locavit liberioris possedit
  • Diremit mundi mare undae
  • Spectent tonitrua mutastis


We are committed to provide our targeted partners projects and services of the appropriate qualities which offer values for money.

We want to delight our partners by seeking new ways of working to reduce cost and increase sales since we are very vest with the operations of the African markets.


We are committed to bringing together a diverse network of partners to deliver our business mission and also assist them with the necessary strategies and methods to triumph in the African markets and increase their sales at a geometric rate.

Currently we are in partnership with more than 10 international and local universities/companies around the world.


We are determining that GAC  is going to be in existence for generations to come. Our decisions and actions are going to be driven by long term ambitions other than short term expediencies.

Our legacy will be shaped by our clear focus to deliver and on our commitment to meeting our targets, satisfying our partners in order to improve the quality of their brand and to provide positive feedbacks and results.