What We Do

We provide international business representation for overseas companies that are interested in establishing their business presence in Africa.

GAC provides different kinds of services to help you realize your dreams expand your business presence and make life changing decisions.

We contribute actively in the development and growth of companies by;

  • Increasing sales
  • Creating sustainable partnerships and strategic alliances
  • Expand their market shares and business presence
  • Ensuring strict ethical and legal compliance in the entire process of the business representation.

Some of the services we provide are


We have a wide-range of CC experts who will help our clients in choosing their respective field of studies with respect to their qualifications and aspirations. This decision will be made

  • Based on the clients documents presented before the counselor
  • Base on the specific skill sets he/she will want to acquire after studies
  • Based on the availability, job opportunities and other openings that come with particular programs.

Based on your chances in doing well for particular study programs and future aspirations.


We also guide our clients to help them acquire knowledge, information skills and career decision which results in their social, financial and emotional well-being throughout.


The GAC works hand in gloves with our partners and clients both home and abroad making sure that the programs they offer are in line with the desires of prospective students so that their products can easily integrate in the African markets.

  • We assess and evaluate emotional, behavioral, and learning aspects of students to design educational programs.
  • We provide guidance services to organization on how to tackle problems relating to students, parents, teacher’s school boards, and educational organization regarding academic matter.
  • We assess areas for improvement in curricula, classrooms, and technology usage or student activities.
  • Websites & Graphics Design
  • Software development


GAC offers Visa Assistance to all kinds of destination upon review of your visa application documents.


  • We review your visa application documents and make sure they are in line with the specify embassy requirements.
  • We get appointment dates from the embassy
  • We prepare you for the mock interview questions and answers
  • We provide supporting or additional documents such as health insurance, flight reservations accommodations lease etc.

        We categorize our work in to several industries so that our partners can understand our mode of operations and better select which industry will be best fit to represent their brand in Africa.

We use various strategies to brand your products and increase sales while extending your market shares in Africa. We represent your brand and improve on your sales by constitute our work into various services.


This service is responsible for providing both work and student placement services to companies, organizations and all careers technical education job training students (youths and adults) to ease their transition from school-schools and from school-employment.

We work with several students each year to meet the needs and goals of the society. When reviewing applications we look at the students learning programs, counsel, advice and make sure they choose their programs wisely. We also provide assistance on

ONE-TO-ONE SUPPORT: That is making sure we assist in the provision of accommodation and provides visa assistance by preparing students/workers for the visa application processes (for those who have to apply for a Visa) and also guides them during these arrangements.

OUTREACH AND EDUCATION: that is we participate in public presentations, education fairs such as school conferences, seminars and workshops to educate and facilitate youths and adults on program selection and to present to them the available opportunities.


We give our students and staff the opportunity to study at partner universities, carry out international traineeship and for our staffs to develop their professional skills.

This program has duration range of 3 months to 1 year. This program is very important as it;

  • Expose them to different cultures
  • Helps them to experience a global education
  • Enhances their personal self development, competences, self confidence and self esteem.
  • Enables them to confront challenges outside a familiar support network and comfort zones.
  • For our staff it increases support for professional career development
  • Increase support for and promotion of mobility activities for learners
  • Increase motivation and satisfaction in their daily work.


We carry out creative and systematic work to increase the stock of knowledge including knowledge of cultures, humans and society. The use of this stock of knowledge is to devise new applications and discover trending markets which will best fit the desires of our partners and improve on their markets

Our purpose of research is to inform action and contribute to developing knowledge therefore facilitating learning and understanding various issues thus increasing public awareness.

Research also helps our partners in achieving business success by nurturing their potentials through various opportunities which could be in the form of brandings, trainings, scholarships and finding business collaboration.